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Hiking & Walking Safari Tanzania

Hiking and Walking are one of the primary goings-on activities of the tourists coming to Tanzania. You are sure to have a wonderful time while hiking as the town is the perfect place where you can go for hiking.

Hiking in Moshi

The town of Moshi placed at the foot of the gigantic Mount Kilimanjaro and If you are planning for a adventure-packed vacation then the town of Moshi at the foothills of the Mount Kilimanjaro is the best option as there are lots of things to do.
This adventure can be a one- or two-day tour, depending on your schedule and interests. The tour can start out of Arusha or Moshi town.

You will experience the following:

Walking on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro and enjoying the bustle of Marangu Gate where the majority of Kilimanjaro climbs start and finish. Meeting with the Chagga people, the inhabitants of Moshi, Machame and Marangu
Observing the countryside, agriculture and lifestyles of this area in banana trees plantation and many more.

Hiking in Usambara Mountains.

The Usambara Mountain range is located in the lush region of Tanga, approximately five hours south east of Arusha. These Mountains are considered older than Kilimanjaro and Meru. Although the mountains were thrust from the earth's surface 25 million years ago, the rock which forms these mountains is over 600 million years old. The Usambara Mountains, with its center at Lushoto, can offer the perfect introduction to Tanzania away from the fast pace of the Kilimanjaro-safari circuit.

You will take an afternoon hike through the swanky forests that have been the only place on earth to shield certain plants through the extreme climatic changes of history. Taste the richness of these mountains in their locally made breads, cheeses and jams. It is the perfect place to mix relaxation with exploration. You will hike through the Magamba rainforest and villages to reach the viewpoint overlooking the border of Tanzania and Kenya. It is also possible to mountain bike in this area.

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