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Conference & Event Service

International Conferences and events

Vehicle hire in Conferences we normally do Transport Services and Logistic Management in Internal Conferences and events

The company has been enjoying offering transport services to its customers since year 2005 to date and we have been among the companies who provided transport services to the important National events as here mentioned in schedule below, and our clients have appreciated our services without any complaints.

118TH LEON SULLIVAN SUMMIT CONTACT PERSON: Mrs. Shamimu Nyanduga cell: 0784 93344841500 to 200030 Mercedes Benz, 20Microbuses, 14Excutive saloons, 20 Coasters84 Vehicles
2VICE PRESIDENT ‘S OFFICE EVENT: AFRICAN INVOROMENT CONTACT PERSON: HON: Batilda Buriani 0784 546336 (she was a minister for environment)More than 300 delegates8 MERCEDES BENZ, 6LUXURY LAND CRUISER, 5MIN BUS COASTER, 6 EXECUTIVE SALOON25Vehicles
We are working with this office for more than three years now, during the following events.
Contact Person: Mr. Mshana Cell: 0713 335423
More than 600 delegates
More than 400 delegates
20 Coasters Every Year.
20 Vehicles
26 Vehicles
4MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND TOURISM EVENT: (i)AFRICAN DIASPORA HERITAGE TRIAL (ADHT) Contact person: Mr Kamwela Cell: 0756 30067 (ii) Event: SADC REDD Contact person: Mr. Matiku Cell; 0784 468047 (iii) Event: 50thANNIVERSARY Of THE DISCOVERY OFZINJANTROPOUS Contact person: Ms. Liliani Cell: 0712 721110More than 400 delegates More than 500 delegates More 300 than delegates10 Coasters 15 Executive Saloon 10 Coasters 5 Land cruiser 5 Saloon 2 Microbus 12 Coasters 4 Land cruisers Vx25 Vehicles 22 Vehicles 16Vehicles
5 MINISTRY OF FORREING AFFAIRS Event: HEADS OF THE STATES Contact person: Ms. Shamimu Nyanduga.More than700 Delegates26 Mercedes Benz 14 Saloons 20 Coasters 20 Minibuses80 Vehicles
6EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY We have delivery vehicles for the heads of states while attending Summit and Conferences in Arusha.
7INTERPOL EVENT; 19TH AFRICAN REGIONAL CONFERENCEMore than 700 delegates50 Land cruiser 14 Saloons 10 Buses74 Vehicles
8MINISTRY OFPUBLIC SERVICE MANAGEMENT Event: E- learning Africa 2011 Contact Person: Harriet Cell: 0713 - 374790tMore than 1000 Delegates12 Mercedes Benz 6 Saloons 15 Microbuses 20 Coaster 3 Land cruisers56 Vehicles
9MINISTRY OF PUBLIC SERVICE Event: UN- NATIONS AND AFRICA PUBLIC SERCICE FORUM Contact Person: Edith Cell: 0787 - 295554More than 400 Delegates16 Mercedes Benz 23 Microbus 5 Saloon44 Vehicle
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