Tanzania Safari Datoga & Hadzabe

Lake Eyasi is located in the rift valley South of Ngorongoro Highlands. This saline lake is home to various rare fish species, rare birds and reptiles to mention a few. It is beautifully fringed by the Great Rift walls to the west and the highland to the North offering a magnificent view. This great landscape is home to the last known Hunter-Gatherer community the ‘Hadzabe’ living by hunting, honey and fruit gathering life style. Experience the life of nomadic Datoga living closer to the Hadzabe.

The following activities are availabe:
  • Fish with local fishermen in Lake Eyasi
  • Canoeing safari in Lake Eyasi
Bushmen (Hadzabe) Trekking

Day trips to Hadzabe hiding caves: proceed to a Hadzabe trekking starting point that changes several times due to their nomadic life.

  • Walk in the bush rich in wildlife to trace the Bushmen.
  • Visit Hadzabe bases and have a glimpse of authentic Hadzabe way of life
  • Experience a Bushmen trekking adventure. This adventure will give you a deep insight of Hadzabe culture.
  • Walk around identifying indigenous plants roots and tubers, fruits, herb, leaves and wild seeds that are used by Bushmen for food and medicine.
  • Get an opportunity to discover plants used for making poison arrows and ways used in extracting such potent poisonous exudates.
  • Participate in collecting fruits, wild honey gathering and try your skills on using Hadzabe bow and arrow, try your luck in a hunt.
  • A visit to Bushmen caves on Rocks with paints
Datoga Cultural tour

Drive to Datoga resident area and Make a tour to a Boma where you will meet a family, listen to stories about their way of life. Visit Datoga traditional Healer and discover traditional herbs that cure various diseases. Also visit to Datoga Boma and have a glimpse of Datoga Culturelast but not least, visit to Black smith experience ancient black smith skills

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