Viola Safari Vehicle Lease

Brand new vehicles;

We are delighted to introduce our long term vehicle leasing program, available to selected clients for a fixed period of three years. Our fleet includes brand new saloon cars, pick-ups, 4WD station wagons, busses, trucks, construction equipment and any special purpose vehicles.

Nearly new vehicles;

We can supply any of the above in nearly new condition for long term lease for a fixed period of one or two years. Our nearly new fleet are all low mileage vehicles that have been excellently maintained and are presented in an outstanding condition in terms of paint and bodywork. All vehicle engines are superbly maintained, tires will be of a high standard (being changed when necessary) and car interiors are in excellent order and are professionally valuated prior to handover.

Our long term vehicle leasing program offers you the following advantages;

1. Our new vehicles raises your organization’s image as you have a superbly presented transport fleet that will be refreshed every three years.
2. You can select a combination of vehicles tailored to your exact requirements.
3. Lease vehicles increase productivity as loss of working time is very minimal because of the availability of replacement vehicles in the event of an accident.
4. The lessee does not have to invest vast sums of money for purchasing the vehicles, maintenance programs and related administration tasks.
5. It reduces the hassle of providing corporate transport and allows management to concentrate on their core business issues.
6. It enables management to accurately budget their annual transportation cost.
7. Leasing charges can be shown as operating costs thus reducing tax liability.
8. There are no worries about insurance or licensing as all are organized by the lessor.

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